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 CSS-Applicants pls help me

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PostSubject: CSS-Applicants pls help me   Thu Oct 02, 2008 6:16 am

oi AWPTHUNDER musta nah c FarmBread 2

(This is only available in Counter Strike:Source players only)
location(cmplete address):ilocos norte laoag city
current CS:S nick:kItcAt
all your CS:S nick:kItcAt,FarmBread
weapon specialty:awp,m16,ak47,P90,Desert eagle,
map adik:Dusty hall or room aztec or cobble
hours/day in playing:3pm to 8 or 9pm only xD
reason why you must be part of this clan:i luv dis clan pls im active player gudluck 4 me
screen shots needed?(on game!):

former clans po

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CSS-Applicants pls help me
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